Update: 11/12/17

DataREACH Labs has partnered with Dr. Satyesh Sinha, Assistant Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine at Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science on a project to build predictive models for albuminuria for patients who are already diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. An applied machine learning approach will be used to deduce to complex interactions between the factors for metabolic syndrome, including protein quantification in blood samples, as well as other factors including gender and ethnicity in the context of making predictions about the risk of developing albuminuria. This project could serve to be a groundbreaking stride in bridging the gap between discoveries made in molecular biology labs and artificial intelligence based solutions.

DataREACH Labs has also partnered with nanotechnology diagnostic startup Arrow Dx, on research involving the application of machine learning to Raman spectra for predicting diseases and furthermore mapping complex biomarker relationships found in the enhanced Raman spectra to enhanced diagnostic capabilities using artificial intelligence.


Starting in August 2017, DataREACH Labs has begun as a private Research and Development (R and D) laboratory focused on innovation at the intersection of artificial intelligence, medicine, and the biological sciences. DataREACH Labs is currently in the process of partnering with life scientists, specializing in molecular biology and biostatisticians working with clinical trial data to experiment with machine learning applications for improved risk assessment and evaluation of a variety of diseases. DataREACH Labs seeks to bridge biological sciences and artificial intelligence/machine learning to foster innovation and improve patient outcomes.