Student Team Members

Vikash Singh
CEO - Founder
Vikash Singh, founder of Project DataREACH is currently enrolled at UCLA as a Stamps Leadership Scholar, Regents Scholar, and Gold Shield Alumni Association Scholar with an intended major in Computational and Systems Biology and a concentration in Computers and Biosystems.
Matthew K
Software - Machine Learning
Matthew K is a Regents Scholar at UCLA wrapping up his B.S. in Computer Science. As a former Data Science intern at Fuel Cycle, he developed machine learning models to predict conversion rates from surveys and emails, kickstarting his interest in machine learning. As a former Software Developer intern at Hulu, he worked on the frontend for non-subscriber pages. His interests also include running, Rubik's cubes, and Haskell.
Jianzhi Liu
Data Science - Machine Learning
Jianzhi Liu, a second year student at UCLA, studies Mathematics of Computation. He is interested in fin-tech, deep learning and neural networks. Loving to help his fellow students, he is a mentor at Undergraduate Mathematics Student Association. In addition, Jianzhi is the treasurer for Kappa Sigma Fraternity at UCLA. In his spare time, he likes working out, especially interested in boxing.
Ziming Yang
Data Science
Ziming Yang is a second year student from UCLA, studying Math of Computation and Cognitive Science. He has interests in consulting industry and data science, and how data science can be used to help people gain insight into different things. In his free time, he likes playing basketball, and he is also a brother in the Phi Delta Theta fraternity.
Raymond Arevalo
Software - UI/UX
Raymond Arevalo is a fourth year at UC San Diego studying Cognitive Science with a specialization in Human Computer Interaction and Computer Science. He is currently interested in designing and developing intuitive user experience and interfaces.
Vivek Reddy
Data Science - Machine Learning
Vivek Reddy is a recent graduate from UCLA in a Computational and Systems Biology with a concentration in Biomedical Systems. After completing graduate school, he plans to enter the medical device industry. He is passionate about utilizing data science and machine learning principles to improve healthcare and patient outcomes