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Driving the next generation of global healthcare with AI.

We are dedicated to building powerful solutions that can improve health outcomes for patients around the world.

Our team draws from years of experience in executing ambitious machine learning projects at companies such as Google [X], Clutter, and Heal.

Community level machine learning pipelines

DataREACH aims to create software platforms that deliver community level insights to clinicians using local datasets in conjunction with advanced analytics.


DataREACH collaborates with the World Health Organization (WHO) country office in Cameroon to develop a data science platform for effectively analyzing surveillance data. The goal of computationally driven surveillance is to provide insights that can be used to inform mitigation strategies for infectious disease outbreaks.

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Research in biotechnology and machine learning

DataREACH engages in research at the intersection of biotechnology and machine learning in collaboration with university faculty. More specifically, DataREACH is interested in machine learning projects utilizing clinical data and high throughput -omics data to optimize patient outcomes and gain insights on complex diseases.


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